Thursday, March 13, 2008


One piece we've brought back this season is Cumulonimbus, by Matthew Prins.
We first saw this piece when it was a new publication by GIA a few years ago. It's a whirlwind to follow the shifting meter. Driving 8th notes build the momentum as the storm approaches and hits the listener with its driving force.
Matthew has recently moved to the Chicago area last year, so we hope he'll come and listen. It will be much better than the version recorded for the GIA catalog recording, because we will have more than a couple weeks rehearsal.

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Anonymous said...

I just heard from Lois that Chicago Bronze was doing "Cumulonimbus" again. (We were both directing handbells at the same Palm Sunday ecumenical service.) I've never actually heard "Cumulonimbus" in person, so I'm definitely planning to attend the Cutting Hall performance.

Back, oh, five years ago, The James River Ringers did a concert based on the four classical elements: earth, water, air, and fire. It'll be interesting to see if you choose any of the same water/rain-themed pieces that we did. (We didn't do "Cumulonimbus," though; I don't think it was written yet.)