Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Time to Record

Next week we'll be taking some of the songs from this season's Storm Warning concert and recording them to be included on a CD in the future.

Many people have asked when our next CD will be ready. Here's how we do it. Thanks to former CB ringer Karen Baumann for sharing this idea with us.

Each season, December and Spring, we schedule a recording session. We can record 4 or 5 songs in an evening, so we pick the songs we think would work best on a CD.
Our target is to get 16 songs on a CD, so it can take 4 seasons to build up enough tracks to publish a CD.
We worked extra hard to finally get Christmas in the City out. Next year, we'll finish the new CD of Spring-season titles from the past 4 years. Two years later, we should have another Christmas CD, and so on every 2 years.

Huge thanks to everyone who bought a CD. We're looking forward to the release of the next one in time for December 2009. It's going to have a really wide variety of music and will showcase how versatile handbells can be.
What do you think we should call the CD next year? Post back with your ideas!

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Matthew said...

Hope your concert went well last night -- there was a pretty nice write-up on you guys in my local paper (the Buffalo Grove Countryside). I wish I could have been there, but one of the churches I direct at had a special event the bells were asked to play for.