Thursday, July 14, 2011

Congrats to CB Member Laura Olsen

Congratulations to Chicago Bronze member Laura Olsen, on her recent award from the Piano Technicians Guild.

"Our first honoree for the PTG Hall of Fame has spread her sunshine and support through all corners of this organization and most of Chicagoland PTG. Laura Olsen, RPT, is not daunted by many tasks; she is as comfortable atop the mast of a sailboat on Lake Michigan as on the top of a stepladder in the PTG Home Office storage room. The first ever recipient of the PTG Foundation Scholarship to attend the convention and take an exam, Laura went on to give back service to the Foundation by serving in four of its offices and as a director. She served as chair of the Economic Affairs Committee and was elected to the PTG Board of Directors as Central East Regional Vice President.

One reason Laura is a valuable resource to our organization is that she is as comfortable sitting at the table to brainstorm solutions as she is rolling up her sleeves to get the actual work done. Anyone who has served five years on the Institute Committee definitely knows how to roll up the sleeves and brainstorm both.

She is a friendly and engaging communicator who brings people into the organization and helps them become active and productive members. Laura is a person who chooses to take a positive outlook on life, not someone who has simply been handed an easy road to go. Her determination and dedication are intentional.

Laura served as vice president and president of the Waukegan, Illinois, Chapter in the late 1990’s, before transferring to the Chicago Chapter in 2002. In 2002, she was also awarded PTG’s Member of Note.

Laura Olsen, on behalf of the members of the Piano Technicians Guild, we thank you for sharing your talents, time and loyalty to our profession. It is our pleasure to enroll you in our Hall of Fame."

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